Audio Classes of Tanya Summaries Regular Year classes

Audio Classes on the Tanya. Presented by Rabbi Yossi Paltiel. This summary of the Tany follows the schedule of a regular year. These classes were given in a Chabad house in Flatbush between 19 Kislev 5767/2006 through 19 Kislev 5768/2007.

Category Title Description
Section One, Likutei Amarim, Beinoni.There are 23 classes in this section. An Introduction to the Entire Weekly Tanya Series
Section Two, Likutei Amarim Shaar Hayichud VihaemunaThere are 5 classes in this section.
Section Three, Iggeres HateshuvaThere are 3 classes in this section.
Section Four, Iggeres HakodeshSection Four, Iggeres Hakodesh. This section has 16 classes.
Section Five, Kunteres AcharonSection Five, Kunteres Acharon. This section has 3 classes


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