Tanya (1) The Tanya is based on the Possuk Ki Karov Ailecha HaDavar Miod BiFicha Uvilvuvecha La'Asoso

Tanya (1) Ki Karov. – Ki Karov Beinoni – It is Close To You… (Directed to a Beinoni)This series is based on 1) title page, 2) beg Ch 16, 3) beg Ch 17, [4) beg Ch 8,] 5) End Ch 19, 6) beg Ch 25, 7) Chapter 35There are two types of Beinoni using different...

Tanya (2) Tanya's Questions and Answers (Chapter 1, 13, 14 (27))

Tanya (2).Tanya’s Questions and Answers (Chapter 1, 13, 14 (27)).The Alter Rebbe begins by asking many questions (from Gemarah mostly) and eventually he answers them.There are also some answers to questions that are unspoken.How to make sense of this Beinoni.

Tanya (3) Nefesh HaBahamis

Tanya (3) Nefesh HaBahamis.A short little class encompassing the end of Perek 1, Perakim 6-7 and beginning of Perek 8: What is the Nefesh HaBahamisThree aspects1) Essence: fire wind water or earth2) Form: mind heart senses3) Expression: thought speech action, cam stay the same cam go up and can go down.

Tanya (4) Nefesh HaElokis

Tanya (4) Nefesh HaElokisThis class includes an introduction to Perek 2, 3, end of 2, 3, Igeres Hakodesh 15, beginning of Perek 4.The Nefesh HaElokis.1) The first big idea is the idea of חלק אלוק ממעל and ישראל עלו במחשבה and the relatedness of Souls, like the many cells that divide and diversify during pregnancy...

Teshuva in Tanya (do more)

Teshuva is done by doing more good (Ig Hateshuva Ch 9), a little more (Ch 15) a lot more (Ch 30).