Class 1

The definition of a person: Two souls- Man and Animal. The Man is rational, orderly, and departmentalized; The Animal is polar, extreme, and singularly focused.

Class 2

The human being’s struggle between these two souls as they don’t tolerate coexisting with one another. The Man must defeat, conquer and tame his Animal.

Class 3

The inner Jew is the Soul that is naturally one his Creator. The struggle is giving it a voice (revelation).

Class 4

The purpose of the Jew is dual: 1) Raise himself above this life and approach G-Dliness; 2) Bring G-D and G-Dliness to the most unG-dlike level.

Class 5

The passions (motivations) behind our service. Human emotion inspires his relationship with his Creator.There are many different types of this inspiration.