Likutei Amarim overview in 5 classes classes

Likutei Amarim overview in five classes. This series of classes was given at the "BESHT" Shul during the spring of 5770. In them, Rabbi Paltiel attempts to overview the entire first book of the Tanya. The classes don't follow the order of the chapters of the Tanya. Rather they divide the Sefer into five ideas explaining each one in a class.

Class 1
 - MP3
The definition of a person: Two souls- Man and Animal. The Man is rational, orderly, and departmentalized; The Animal is polar, extreme, and singularly focused.
Class 2
 - MP3
The human being's struggle between these two souls as they don't tolerate coexisting with one another. The Man must defeat, conquer and tame his Animal.
Class 3
 - MP3
The inner Jew is the Soul that is naturally one his Creator. The struggle is giving it a voice (revelation).
Class 4
 - MP3
The purpose of the Jew is dual: 1) Raise himself above this life and approach G-Dliness; 2) Bring G-D and G-Dliness to the most unG-dlike level.
Class 5
 - MP3
The passions (motivations) behind our service. Human emotion inspires his relationship with his Creator.There are many different types of this inspiration.


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