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Likutei Amarim overview in 5 classes

Likutei Amarim overview in five classes. This series of classes was given at the "BESHT" Shul during the spring of 5770. In them, Rabbi Paltiel attempts to overview the entire first book of the Tanya. The classes don't follow the order of the chapters of the Tanya. Rather they divide the Sefer into five ideas explaining each one in a class.

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Thoughts from the Tanya

Thoughts from the Tanya. A series of classes given at Chabad of West Hempstead.

5 Classes

Tanya by Topic

Given at the Yeshiva Achei Temimim im 5781 A series of short introductions to topics gathered from across the Tanya into comprehensive thoughts

3 Classes

Kuntres Acharon - Essay Six -

This is a three part-series on Essay 6 of Kuntres Acharon. We are highlighting these three classes on Kunteres Acharon (the fifth book in the Tanya). Essay Six For Shavuos under the title, "The Nature of Torah". As you will see, Essay Six deals with the question of why Dovid Hamelech (King David) was punished for referring as "Zmiros" (Songs). In order to address this question, Rabbi Paltiel presents an extensive discussion on the nature of the Torah and he recommends these classes for Shavuos preparation.


Chassidic Glossary: Yichuda Ila'a and Yichuda Tata'a in Krias Shma (and Sha'ar HaYichud VihaEmuna) (יחודא עילאה ויחודא תתאה בקריאת שמע, בשער היחוד והאמונה)

Chassidic Glossary: Yichuda Ila’a and Yichuda Tata’a in Krias Shma (and Sha’ar HaYichud VihaEmuna) (יחודא עילאה ויחודא תתאה בקריאת שמע, בשער היחוד והאמונה)Given in Tomchei Temimim Chovevei Torah (5782/ 2021).Why is ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד after שמע ישראל which is יחודא עילאה?The need for two Achdus in Sha’ar HaYichud VihaEmunah.A story with the...

Tanya Iggeres HaKodesh 11, Lihaskilcha Bina.

Tanya Iggeres HaKodesh 11, Lihaskilcha Bina.A class given לזכות רפואה שלימה לגני’ה בת תמר.We learned the entire Iggeres and talked about Bitachon.The Alter Rebbe is very strong with this Chossid but he’s empowering him to see God in everything in his world.