Tanya Chapter 12 Class 2 (099).

Tanya Perek 12, Class 2 (99).
The מדריגא הבינוני (as opposed to the מדת הבינוני) is about the interface (alternating) of מלוכה (close to Tzadik) and ממשלה (Beinoni, struggle, discipline).
This class describes the times of Davening and Krias Shma (when he is Tzadik-like or Melucha)
1) עת רצון because of the time and how he uses the time
2) Hisbonenus brings to Ahava and Yirah in ברכת ק”ש (Derabanan, but so many DiOraisas are connected to it) and קריאת שמע (which is Deoraisa).
This is the state of מלוכה discussed,

Tanya Perek 12, Class 2.


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