Tanya Chapter 12 Class 1 (98)

Tanya Perek 12, Class 1 (98).
Introduction to Beinoni.
The Klipa never gets the Nefesh HaElokis, where the two meet the body.
The two ideas of מדריגת הבינוני and מדת הבינוני and the great difference between the two.
מדת הבינוני is really a functional “one day (hour, minute) at a time kind of thing.
מדריגת הבינוני is actually a level or category, defined by the combination of מלוכה and ממשלה.
The former is when the Beinoni is inspired (almost like a Tzadik) and the latter is when he survives on the trace that remains from the inspiration from before.

Tanya Perek 12, Class 1.


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