Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 13

Class Thirteen. 35) The Ketz- end of Nissan 5751 כלו כל הקיצין כפשוטו ממש. Thirty-six) 28 Sivan coming to the lowest place and achieving the highest things. 37) Shabbos Shoftim- a Prophet and a Prophecy.

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 11

Class Eleven. 24) Miracles that indicate the changes in the world that are proof of the imminent coming of Moshiach [תולדות ה’תש”ן]. 25) Russia: the death of Stalin and the Rebbe 26) The Cuban Missile crisis and the Rebbe. 27) Lag BaOmer 5740 at the Parade 28) Erev Rosh Hashana “Paratkes” and Ma’amar of ראה…

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 12

Class Twelve. This pdf is for the next several classes. 31) A change of approach, and a desire that we reveal and celebrate every miracle that occurs. 32) The Gulf War, the fear, the Rebbe’s Promise and the preciseness of his prophecies, Purim the war ends. 33) the Yalkut Shimoni, the miracles of the scuds…

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 10

Class Ten. 21) abbreviations of years beginning with 5742 onward. 22) The chain letter idea to announce to people the sources to demand Moshiach. 23) תשמח תשמח הקהל and תשמט ידיך and the predictions beginning שבועות תשמ”ט.

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 09

Class Nine. 18) Citizenship. The Rebbe organized it, a private but meaningful event. Pictures and video. 19) The first Ma’amar Basi Ligani, the seventh generation, our task, setting about doing the unthinkable, he is not finished and he will see it through. 20) Since 5715 nothing stands in the way of Moshiach…

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 08

Class Eight. Supplement, The entire nusach of the four Kol Korai. 17) The four declarations, קול קורא. The idea that Jews are like everyone else will bring us to suffer with all the world needlessly, but we must believe that we are different, and we do this through Teshuva. The birth-pangs of Moshiach can be…

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 07

Class Seven. 15) ספר תורה לקבלת פני משיח. The effort, the writing, the closeting, and the finishing in 5730. near 10 Shvat. 16) Some on the newspaper הקריאה והקדושה.

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 06

Class Six. 14) Relocating to America. The Rebbe didn’t want to go, God Almighty brought him here, and he saw his being here as an “השגחה העליונה שליחות”. His first day in America, the warning of his good friends and his response. The gradual but miraculous change of America. The gradual melting of the ice.

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 05

Class Five. 11) All of the Rabbeiim’s travels are part of a master plan, though they don’t move until forced. No Jew chooses exile, but when it is forced on the Tzadik, the Nassi, it is not nature taking its course, but the Divine Hand leading him. 12) Polishing the buttons 5689, 1928. 13) America…

Moshiach Longer Version (5776) – Class 04

Class Four. 9) The Rebbe RaShaB’s קץ for the year תרס”ו (it is 1905-6), based on the calculation that it is סוף זמן תפילה of Friday morning of the sixth millennium. 10) World War 1. This class explores the ‘behind the scenes’ of the Rabbeiim, and how these things play out in spiritual terms. He…