Slichos Thoughts and overview (5779/ 2019)

Slichos Thoughts and overview (5779/ 2019) Three Parts: 1) Introduction and entry 2) The Selichos are all about the 13 Middos of Rachamim 3) The Techinos at the end: The Nussach is not strictly Chabad, it is Russian. We explored some paragraphs individually: 1) Lecha Hashem Hatzedaka 2) Zechor Rachamecha… 3) Vayomer Dovid EL Gad…

Minuya Ugemura… Ashrei Mi Shelo Nivra. (5772).

A short thought on a strange (context-less) statement made in the Avoda service (Musaf) of Yom Kippur. “It’s preferred that we not have been created”. A commentary.

HoRaisa Derech Teshuva…

(From the Slichus) of Tzom Gedalia. Horaisa Derech Teshuva Livas Hashoveiva. The poem included in the Tzom Gedalia Slichus (as is the case with much of this Slichus) is more about Aseres Yemei Teshuva than about Gedalia.


The prayer in the Rosh Hashana davening that describes Hashem’s judgment most graphically. A commentary.


Psalm recited before blowing Shofar.


An attempt to get at the depth of this most powerful prayer.

Monday 29 Tishrei 5773, October 15 2012.

Ata Kadosh… Lidor VaDor Hamlichu… U’Vchein.. HaMelech Hakadosh. Ata Kadosh with the four UVicheins as said on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. It is all about ‘Binyan HaMalchus’ or ‘Crowning Him as a King’. This class has a long introduction explaining the ‘Soul’ of the Yomim Noraim as days we connect with (‘and Crown’) Hashem…

L’Dovid Hashem Ori.

The special psalm (27) recited during ELUL, it’s significance and relevance.