Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat (03) – Second Sicha (03)

Class Three. Conclusion: Whether women are or are not in Arvus, in this case there is an idea of Arvus towards one another for one reason or another. Page 307-8.

Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat (02) – Second Sicha (02)

Class Two. The question of women and Arvus. There are different levels: A) A Mitzva a woman must do and hasn’t done she can certainly do for her fellow as the Mitzva binds them, B) A Mitzva she must but has already done, her ability to do it for her fellow will depend on the…

Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat 5712 (01) – Second Sicha (01)

Class One. 10 Shvat 5712. After talking to the Bochurim about the organization ATA [Irgun Talmidei Hayeshivos], the Rebbe talks to women about the same concept. Introduction to the question of women and arvus (guarantor-ship for fellow Jews). Page 305-6.