Class One.

Introduction to Achdus Hashem (no text).

Class Two.

Viyadaata- the Possuk MInd and heart- ChaBaD. Achdus of Kabbalah.

Class Three.

Knowing Hashem and going out of Mitzrayim- the connection.

Class Four.

Havaya and Elokim are opposites (1). Havaya- infinite. Elokim- Finitude.

Class 05

Havaya and Elokim are opposites (2). Havaya- Ohr (light). Elokim- Kelim (vessels). The opposites: Ohr: Giluy, Dvaikus, Pshitus, Bli Gvul. Keli: Helem, Havdala, Hischalkus, Gvul.

Class 06

Attempted answer: the Tzimtzum allows the two opposites of Havaya and Elokim (Ohr and Keli, Guf and Neshama etc.) to meet altogether.

Class Seven.

Refutation of the initial answer: it hides so much more than it reveals it can hardly be called Gilui (1). Words: Etzem- In relationship with itself (only). Gilui- to another (and the “other” gets it) Yesh- INDEPENDENT being. Ohr- A light that is about reflecting it’s source. Ha’arah- a light that is about revelation to…

Class Eight.

Refutation of the initial answer: it hides much more than it reveals and therefore cannot (really) be called “Gilui” (2). Three rules of “Etzem” and Gilui. Every Tzimtzum is two Tzimtzums: 1) removing the Ohr Haoleh AL Kulana. 2) Miut (hischalkus) of the Chitzoniyus HaOhr.

Class Nine.

Refutation (3). Three types of Tzimtuzm: 1) Tzimtzum HaRishon- Siluk, SHinui Hamehus. 2) Tzimtzumim of Hishtalshelus- Miut. 3) Parsa- through the screen but a new Mehus. Center of each world: Oros and Keilim- Beis Hamikdash; Livushim and Heichalos- Chitzoniyus and Klipa of each world.

Class Ten.

Refutation (4) Two Meshalim: 1) what words do to ideas 2) what the body does to the Kochos HaNefesh Huge Tzimtzum.