Class Twenty Five.

Nothing good comes from a negative act (Tzimtzum and Siluk). Therefore after the Siluk there is a return of manifesting of Elokus called Hislabshus Koach HaPoel BiNifal. Three steps in Mashal of Rav and Talmid like the three (not two) steps in Tzimtzum HaRishon. This mirrors the three steps of Machshava Dibur Ma’aseh.

Class # 36:

Part 18: (p. 40 bottom) TZIMTZUM K’PSHUTO, LO K’PSHUTO Entire reality is only words of Hashem. Hashem makes the chomer (raw material) and the tzura constantly, but we can’t see G-dliness. Hashem wants us to think that we exist, and to buttel ourselves to Him, i.e. make from the YESH, AYIN. When Hashem wanted to…