Tanya (text based) Perek 11 Class 1 (96)

Tanya Chapter 11 (Class 1). This class explores Rasha.Specifically the connection between Rasha SheAino Gamur and Rasha ViTov Lo, how they are (in Nigla, two different ideas and how they are) in Chassidus one and the same. The nature of the זה לעומת זה of Rasha ViTov Lo, vs Tzadik ViRa Lo. One is in…

Tanya (text based) Perek 10 Class 3 (93)

Tanya Perek 10, (Class 3). Imperfect Tzadik. צדיק ורע לו his hate for evil is incomplete, צדיק שאינו גמור, his love for good is incomplete. Levels of imperfect Tzadik, Bottul in 60, 1,000, and 10,000. But he doesn’t mention ביטול ברוב (in majority) because it is מין בשאינו מינו. Stories about Chassidim who were Tzadikim.

Tanya (text based) Perek 10 Class 1 (91b)

Beginning of Chapter 10. An absolute definition of Tzadik V’Ra Lo 1) Has destroyed the Animal Soul 2) Has not (yet) transformed it to good. Proof is that there is something left but it is כפוף ובטל לטוב צדיק ורע לו and צדיק שאינו גמור The sequence of Pesukim כי המצוה… לא נפלאת… ולא רוחוקה……

Class 13, Perek 1, Class 3 Tanya (text based)

PDF רעיא מהימנא פרשת משפטים קי”ז, ב. This class was the introduction of the five levels of צדיק וטוב לו צדיק ורע לו רשע וטוב לו רשע ורע לו ובינוני, on the נסתר level; which is based initially on the גמרא בברכות ועוד; but is sourced in the רעיא מהימנא. We actually read it inside….