TANYA (text based) PEREK 11 CLASS 2 (97)

Tanya Chapter 11 (Class 2). Review.Complete Rasha, equal and opposite the perfect Tzadik.When we include Makif the idea of Ze Leumas Ze breaks down.On the Makif level we are always Jewish, and in some way can awaken.

Tanya (text based) Perek 10 Class 4 (94)

Tanya Perek 10, (Class 4). Tzadikim Gamurim are (always) Bnei Aliya, total transformation from bad to good, allowing them to ascend to the higher Gan Eden.

Tanya (text based) Perek 10 Class 2 (92)

Tanya Perek 10 (Class Two) This class begins with a review A) לא נפלאת לא רחוקה חלא בשמים ולא מעבר לים are levels in צדיק ורע לו B) Difference between צדיק שאינו גמור and צדיק גמור has to do with טוב לו and רע לו C) Two equal and opposite thing: אוהבי השם שנאו רע,…