Toras Menachem – Nitzovim / Vayelech – Erev Rosh Hashana 5719 to 5720 (01)

Class One: The first month Hashem blesses and we draw strength from Him. Ultimately this newness is connected to Moshiach. The Halachic source for this is the fact that originally Hashem made the calendar and we do with His power. The Calendar and the uniqueness of our calendar, joining the sun and the moon together.

Toras Menachem – Breishis 2 5717 (05) – Sicha Seven – Class 03

Class Five. Page 152-3. Tishrei is the pattern of seeking Hashem and never abandoning the hope of finding Him. The revelation of Neila and the joy of Simchas Torah.

05. Lihavin Inyan Simchas Torah 5738 (Muga)

Lihavin Inyan Simchas Torah 5738This Ma’amar is a Hemshech to the last one.The idea of “Achas” is continued here. The Rebbe adds that “Achas” is brought forward through Teshuva, which is above all limitations, including the limitations of time. After Tishrei the “Achas” comes down into our daily actions, not only Torah and Mitzvos but…

Why Do Non-Tzadikim Do Simchas Beis Hasho’eva Today?

Wasn’t it only for Tzadikim in the days of old?

Basukos Tashvu 5738, Classes Three and Four.

Basukos Tashvu 5738, Class Three.Achas according to Kabbalah is higher than any association (directly or indirectly) to the world.Above the Tzimtzum, above the idea of Makom Hacholol, even above the idea of הוא ושמו בלבד, in other words Atzmus Himself is Achas.And every Jew even ordinary ones have access to “Achas” as we are rooted…

Shofar (Yeshiva, Elul 5780- 5781), Class Eight.

Shofar (Yeshiva, Elul 5780- 5781), Class Eight.The idea of Binyan HaMalchus is explained with the way Adam and Chava were created דיו פרצופים נבראו as two Siamese twins attached back to back that were separated so they could meet each other face to face.This is building up the Nukva to be equal to Z”A so…

Shofar (Yeshiva, Elul 5780- 5781), Class Four.

Shofar (Yeshiva, Elul 5780- 5781), Class Four.More on the Ba’al Shem Tov’s Mashal;The Mashal of Reb Levi Yitzchok of Barditchov: we took the Torah when no one else wanted it; we remind Hashem of this by “putting on the same clothing we wore that day”: the SHOFAR!Class Length (36:57)

02. Shuva Yisroel 5738

Shuva Yisroel 5738, Class One.This ma’amar is the second part of a hemshech (series) of threeincluding the Rosh Hashana maamar “Min HaMeitzer” (Out of Narrowness),“Shuva” (Return) on Parshas Ha’azinu (Kinehser).The essence of the Ma’amar is the need for Hashem to show us mercy, because we don’t know the extent of our own deficiency because we…

Shofar (Yeshiva, Elul 5780- 5781), Class Five – Seven.

Shofar (Yeshiva, Elul 5780- 5781), Class Five.We began the class by further reviewing what the Holy Reb Levi Yitzchok of Barditchov explained about Tekiyas Shofar.We discussed the two types of leader: מושל and מלך.מושל is a leader who imposes his will on others.מלך is all about will: the people want him as their king and…

Kinesher Yair Kino 5738, Class Two.

Kinesher Yair Kino 5738, Class Two.There are three times for teshuva in RaMbaM: 1) all the time, 2) the ten days of Teshva, 3) Yom Kippur (is the zenith of Teshuva).These three mirror the three levels of 1) כנשר יעיר כינו and 2) על גוזליו ירחף and 3) יפרוש כנפיו יקחהו ישאהו על אברתו.They are…