The Life of the Alter Rebbe – Class 07

Class Seven. 1) The Maggid passes away. 2) He promises the Alter Rebbe a son and teaches him the Kabbalah to all the minhagim around a birth and Bris, 3) He tells him that his life will be hard, but he and the Baal Shem Tov will help from heaven, 4) Stories, 5) Reb Avrohom…

Maggid Of Mezrich – Lecture 04

1) The story of Chasidei ‘TOLK’, 2) Did Talmidei HaMagid put the GR”A in Cherem during his lifetime and if the Alter Rebbe participated, 3) Stories, 4) Histalkus Tzavaa etc. 5) What was decided after he passed he away.