Toras Menachem – Simchas Torah 5716 (03) – Sicha One (03)

Class Three. Page 131-2. End of Sicha on Teshuva and Simchas bais Hashoaiva.

Toras Menachem – Simchas Torah 5716 (02) – Sicha One (02)

Class Two. Page 129-131. Teshuva is not only about sin but about growth. Moreover the more we grow the more opportunity for further Teshuva there is. On Simchas Bais Hashoaiva because of the heightened moment we sing of Teshuva.  

Toras Menachem – Rosh HaShana and Tishrei 5713 (03-1) – Sicha to the Board of Tomche Temimim (01)

Class Three-One . Introduction to the famous Sicha about what T’shuva Tefilla and Tzedaka mean in Yiddishkiet. Page 16-17.

07. Mayim Rabim 5738 (Muga)

Mayim Rabim 5738.This single class ma’amar introduces revolutionary ideas about teshuva.  The Alter Rebbe says that the “real reason” for the Neshama’s decent into this world is for Teshuva.In addition to understanding this basically (doing Teshuva after an error) there is the deeper idea: the very departure and return of the Neshama is a journey…

03. Kinesher Yair Kino 5738

Kinesher Yair Kino 5738, Class One.This is a המשך to the two Ma’amarim before it.All three share the presumption that Jews are on a very high level and still have much to do to the extent that it is a big “רחמנות” on them; meaning compared to where they should be the situation they’re in…

Teshuva Classes 4-6

TESHUVA CLASS FOUR – Ma’amar from The Alter Rebbe in Likutei Torah on Balak – is a classic ma’amar of teshuva.  The second Teshuva is ila’a. It’s called עשה טוב to create (Yesod) a connection to the Ein Sof. This Teshuva heals the past.Class Length (31:19) TESHUVA CLASS FIVE Text:  Likutei Torah Ma Tovu Chapter…

Class Four, Sicha on Elul and Teshuva and Parshas Re’ei 5720

Class Four, Sicha on Elul and Teshuva and Parshas Re’ei 5720Text: Toras Menachem, Volume 28, p.289-290This class addresses the experience of “seeing” a revelation of bracha (blessing) and klala (correction) in the process of teshuva.According to Chassidus, one of the highest levels of certainty is seeing – “seeing is believing”.  Physical and spiritual sight are…

Teshuva in Tanya (do more)

Teshuva is done by doing more good (Ig Hateshuva Ch 9), a little more (Ch 15) a lot more (Ch 30).

Teshuva (Elul 5780 to the year 5781).

TESHUVA CLASS ONEThe first class covers “teshuva tata’a” (lower teshuva)  ((text covered is Perek Alef – Igeres Ha-Teshuva)The first half of the class is focused on “kabbala al’haba” – “going forward not going back” which is the work of “teshuva”.  Life is about work – being a Baal Ha’bais (master) over ourselves.  Teshuva is a…