Toras Menachem – Re’ei – Mvorchim Elul 5720 (02)

Class Two:In the second class, further qualities of sin and ongoing personal choice are discussed.  “There is a sin and there is a sinner” – what is the difference? The sins that we do, we tend to repeat – they become bad habits and we lose control.  This class gives a theoretical but easy to…

Toras Menachem – Nitzovim / Vayelech – Erev Rosh Hashana 5719 to 5720 (04)

Class Four: Introduction for 23 Elul, Yahrtzait of the Rebbe’s Mother’s father Reb Meir Shlomo (story Lihaskilcha Binah). Sicha Two: Short thought on Atem Nitzavim Klal Prat and Klal Sicha Three: Introduction (about Bitachon to) to Teshuva Illaa and Teshuva Tataa,