Tanya Chapter 16, Class 5 (126).

Tanya Chapter 16, Class 5 (126).The heart is considered physical and even “Chumri” (crude) and the mind (brain) is considered spiritual, as though it was “out of body” (see Chapter [33,] 35) Accordingly, what the heart feels compels the body, but what the mind knows and feels does notIf not… for the fact that הקב”ה…

Tanya Chapter 16, Class 4 (125).

Tanya Chapter 16, Class 4 (125).The idea of “Parcha LiAila” that our Torah and Mitzvos soar upwards and are available for us as schar in Gan Eden was explained.Kavana is the key to this “Parcha LiAila”.The connection to the מאמר חז”ל מחשבה טובה הקדוש ברוך הוא מצרפה למעשה was explained in context: He connects our…

Tanya Chapter 16, Class 3 (124).

Tanya Chapter 16, Class 3 (124).In depth discussion of the word “yoasa” (יאתה) which appears several times in perek 16.  The meaning or spirit of the word “yoasa” is “the way something should be, even if it isn’t”In this case the unfulfilled Love for Hashem that should be, both for His sake and the sake…


TANYA CHAPTER 16 CLATANYA CHAPTER 16 CLASS 2 (123) The second “Klal Gadol”- even without full emotions if the action gets done it is good,Kach Yuasah.It is befitting that He be loved and that we love Him; but even if it doesn’t happen fully it is happening.Story and lesson: א ביסעלע אידישע הארץ every Jew…


TANYA CHAPTER 16 CLASS 1 (122)Introduction to the PerekThe first “Klal Gadol” even the highest Beinoni with maximum passion that the point is that we act appropriately. So, even the highest Ahava ViYirah is about actionClass Length (38:50

Tanya (4) Nefesh HaElokis

Tanya (4) Nefesh HaElokisThis class includes an introduction to Perek 2, 3, end of 2, 3, Igeres Hakodesh 15, beginning of Perek 4.The Nefesh HaElokis.1) The first big idea is the idea of חלק אלוק ממעל and ישראל עלו במחשבה and the relatedness of Souls, like the many cells that divide and diversify during pregnancy…

TANYA CHAPTER 15 CLASS 5 (121) end of Perek.

TANYA CHAPTER 15 CLASS 5 (121) end of Perek.The Lo Avado becomes Avado1) Either by revealing the Ahava Misuteres. This is considered the person’s work for revealing new.2) By arousing original emotions, that when fully aroused are the level of Avoda Tamma LiBeinoni.


TANYA CHAPTER 15 CLASS 4 (120).The dilemma of the “Lo Avado” Beinoni- what can someone do “if it is easy for him”? Those that (though they have a Yetzer HaRa) don’t struggle either from birth (and nature) or habit; what are they to do?The answer (in a word): 101 times, We can always push ourselves…

Tanya (3) Nefesh HaBahamis

Tanya (3) Nefesh HaBahamis.A short little class encompassing the end of Perek 1, Perakim 6-7 and beginning of Perek 8: What is the Nefesh HaBahamisThree aspects1) Essence: fire wind water or earth2) Form: mind heart senses3) Expression: thought speech action, cam stay the same cam go up and can go down.

The Life of the Alter Rebbe – Class 16

Class Sixteen. The Tanya. This class (begins) explores the history of the Tanya, and its four stages: 1) Yechidus, 2) Ma’amarim, 3) Manuscript, ‘kuntreisim, 4) The printed Tanya. This class has some detail on Yechidus.