Tanya Chapter 17, Class 1 (128).

Tanya Chapter 17, Class 1 (128).A new read on the Possuk כי קרוב אליך:Ki Karov Ailecha Hadavar= YiddishkeitBiFicha= to learn about HashemUvilVavcha LaAsoso= develop (just) enough emotion to master one’s actions.For someone with a brain the head this is “near” and (even) “easy”


TANYA CHAPTER 15 CLASS 1 (117).Beginning of Perek 15.Tzadik and Rasha vs Avado and Lo Avadosuperficially these are the same ideas twiceBut on a deeper level they are very different.Tzadik and Rasha means (as is the case often in the Tanya) Tzadik and BeinoniWhile Avado and Lo Avado are levels in Beinoni.Oved vs Eved doing…


TANYA CHAPTER 15 CLASS 2 (118).Various ways to achieve Beinoni “Lo Avado”:1) if he has these three character traits (together):A. מתמיד בלימודו בטבעו מתגבורת המרה שחורהB. מצונן בטבעו.C. מחוסר הרגש הנאה בטבעו.

Tanya (text based) Chapter 14 Class 6 (115)

Tanya Chapter 14 Class 6 (115).The language that seems to dominate this Perek is דבר המסור ללב.There are two types of people (or so it seems): those who are connected to דברים המסורים ללב and those who aren’t.It helps answer the unasked question of why does the oath have a double expression.The double expression תהי…

TANYA (text based) CHAPTER 14 CLASS 7 (116)

TANYA CHAPTER 14 CLASS 7 (116).The idea of every person attempting to do the work of Tzadik, תהי צדיק ואל תהי רשע.The idea is that the oath (made before we’re born) requires that we try, והשם יעשה הטוב בעיניו Hashem can do whatever He wants.And on a higher level, there’s the idea of habit (of…