Teshuva (Elul 5780 to the year 5781).

TESHUVA CLASS ONEThe first class covers “teshuva tata’a” (lower teshuva)  ((text covered is Perek Alef – Igeres Ha-Teshuva)The first half of the class is focused on “kabbala al’haba” – “going forward not going back” which is the work of “teshuva”.  Life is about work – being a Baal Ha’bais (master) over ourselves.  Teshuva is a…

Siyum Meseches Shabbos (beg Airuvin) 20 Menachem 5780 (2020)

Siyum Meseches Shabbos (beg Airuvin) 20 Menachem 5780 (2020)Nachas for the Rebbe in spades.Shabbos is in the Torah SheBiksav so much yet there’s no way to know how to keep Shabbos without Torah Sheba’al Peh, because the Melachos of Shabbos are…1) Lower than Atzilus (involving Birurim)2) Higher than Atzilus, the Mesiras Nefesh of the Tanaim…

Shmues # 14 Chitas and Rambam a Pitch to learn them

Chitas and Rambam a Pitch to learn themSome history

05 13 Ikarim (Principles of Faith) (4 Classes)

13 Ikarim (Principles of Faith), Class One. As part of the Siddur series and in conjunction with the meditation of אדון עולם we decided to explore the י”ג עקרי האמונה.We talked about the אריז”ל’s issue (not with the content, but) with the Nusach of the 13 Ikarim (whoever wrote them had no connection to “Sod”),…

The Current Situation and 28 Nissan

The Current Situation (Class One) We don’t inderstand the ways of HashemWhen not sure say positive and not negative; only actual Neviim are “forced” to rebuke, the rest of can “afford” to be positive and “not judge”The RaMbaM says that if we don’t see tragedy as message it is מדרך האכזריות- a gigantic insensitivity, so…

Class One Hundred and Thirty One, Shabbos (before Mattan Torah) and the Manna

Class One Hundred and Thirty one, Shabbos (before Mattan Torah) and the Manna.A very important but often overlooked aspect of Parshas Bishalach is the fact that Yidden received some Mitzvos at Mara, including Shabbos (Para Aduma and Dinim).The idea of Mitzvos before Mattan Torah is explored here, using the model of “organized religion” vs “personal…

Parshas Toldos (a lesson in Chinuch) 5780 (2019)

Parshas Toldos (a lesson in Chinuch) 5780 (2019) Aisav is greater but extreme, Yaakov is balanced and sustained. The lesson in our lives. First Version: Yeshiva. Second Version: Chicago, Rosh Chodesh Kislev Farbrengen

What’s the difference between Emuna and Bitachon (BR Seminary 5780/ 2019)

What’s the difference between Emuna and Bitachon? Faith is like the air we breath, we must have it and it is basic to our existence. Trust is a choice under trying times to טראכט גוט וועט זיין גוט. There is an ill unique to our generation where people have Bitachon and not Emuna.

Mitzvas Lo Sisna and Ahavas Yisroel Perek 2

Perek 2, Class 9 The idea of loving and not hating, and not even thinking hateful thoughts. Tanya Iggeres HaKodesh 23 נא ונא וכו’ ואיש את רעת רעיהו אל תחשבו וכו’ כמחשבת עבודה זרה ממש Rambam does say it positive (הלכות דיעות פרק ו’ הלכה ד) but Hillel and Chassidus see a point in the…

Story Telling (Beth Rivkah Seminary 5780/ 2019)

Story Telling The place of telling stories in our culture. When is telling stories that didn’t happen exactly as told education and when is it lying. A story that is true, even when it isn’t, is educational. What about negativity and sadness, and learning about the hardships of “the real world”.