Toras Menachem – Shavuous 5717 (05) – Sicha Three (02)

Class Five. Page 40-43. Tahalucha is in the best spirit of יפוצו מעינותיך חוצה where one goes to the recipient and doesn’t wait to be needed and sought out. Like Aharon HaKohein who loved everyone, even the simplest people. But at the same time, he brings people to the Torah and not the Torah to…

Toras Menachem – Shavuous 5717 (04) – Sicha Three (01)

Class Four. Page 40-41. Tahalucha, the idea and the significance. Spreading Chassidus.

8b. Tahalucha.

8b. Tahalucha.This class was added in 5781 (2020).The idea of Chazaras Chassidus expanded to include (simply) walking along with the one who does the actual Chazara.This campaign was very near and dear to the Rebbe.He explained how important “serving Hashem (even) with the feet” is.He connected it to Moshiach.