Samach Bais (04) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 04

Page 242. 1) חושים don’t create יחוד and change, but they set up and inspire the birth and change that will follow. 2) תענוג is the expression of one’s infinity, but it is not useful in the reality of the limited complex lives we live. But the תענוג must (does) inspire it.

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 02

Page 1-3. תענוג ושמחה The experience of Joy is 1) revealed, 2) limited (?), 3) affects reaction and passion- the opposite of rest. The experience of Delight is 1) hidden, 2) infinite, 3) affects rest. Why and how. They parallel Bina and Chochma respectively.