Toras Menachem – K’doshim 5714 (01) – Sicha One.

Page 242-3. Ani Ma’amin, Simchah, what is there to be BiSimcha about, what we have revealed to us when Moshiach comes, that we are earning now.

ויהיו חיי שרה ה’תשמ”א.

Class One. Simcha is explored in this class: Joy allows for complete Avodas Hashem; It involves great humility. It needs to be constrained so that it not result in something unholy. Class Two. The issue of Murgash (external and demonstrative passion) that was described as undesirable in the last class, is the Avoda of: Chava,…

The joy of SUKKOS and Simchas Torah.

The joy of Sukkos is separated from Simchas Torah by Shmini Atzeres. The difference between these two joys.

Farbrengen 5776.

Hakhail year. Part one. Introduction, story lesson and blessings. Part Two. Hakhail, a creation of the Rebbe straight from the times of the Bais HaMikdash. children Yiras hashem, like Har sinai. An entire year. Part Three. Sukkos provides the basis for two big ideas that we need always: joy and Unity. Joy and especially (the…

Class #18.

Insight into several core aspects of Chassidic life – l’chaim, joy, fabrengen and dancing. This installment is full of interesting stories of Chassidim and Chassidic life that you will not hear elsewhere. Please note: The crunchy noise at the beginning only lasts 15 seconds. MP3