Toras Menachem – Tishrei 5713 (03-3) – Sicha to the Board of Tomche Temimim (03)

Class Three-Three. Conclusion, Tzedaka that cannot be postponed that pays dividends forever. The Tmimim are busy with Hashem’s business, to light up the world and He is busy with our business giving us what we need. Page 19-20.

Toras Menachem – Rosh HaShana 5713 – (02)

Class Two. The status we’re in on Rosh Hashana is heightened and the judgement of how our year will go (spiritually and materially) is made accordingly. We must keep the inspiration all year long as it is right now. He hides only so we should keep looking for Him. Page 14-15.

Toras Menachem – Bamidbar 5712 (01a) First Sicha – Review

Review. Review of first Sicha. The Hatred of Gashmiyus, makes Hashem a master over this world.

Toras Menachem – Mishpatim 5714 (03) – Second Sicha (03)

Class Three. Page 92-3. The slightest compromise in Torah Lishma can have the most severe consequences in the long run. Even correct kavanos on the level of cheshbon are problematic. One must be simple in his Yiddishkiet.

Toras Menachem – Mishpatim 5714 (02) – Second Sicha (02)

Class Two. Page 90-92. Many levels of Shelo Lishma, from the very sublime to the most coarse. The highest (as fine as it is) leads one slowly downward until the very lowest levels. 1) To know the Halacha, 2) To enjoy Torah’s scholarship, 3) To earn a livelihood, 4) For honor, to be called “Rabbi”,…

Toras Menachem – Mishpatim 5714 (01) – Second Sicha (01)

Class One. Page 89-90. Why Torah is so important but must be accompanied by the Neshama of the Torah.

Toras Menachem – Mishpatim 5712 (05) Sicha One (05)

Class Five. 1) The gifts of Hashem are Kesef- unconditional love. 2) Hashem is warning Himself “Lo Sihye Lo KiNoshe” there’s no point in extracting repayment of the loan through strength, as the past has proven the futility of this method. Chose instead kindness. Page 339-41.

Toras Menachem – Mishpatim 5712 (04) Sicha One (04)

Class Four. Hashem gives us undeserved Gemilas Chasadim, from a level that is beyond our deserving. A place where Yidden and non Yidden are equal and His favoritism is from an absolute place. Page 338-9.

Toras Menachem – Mishpatim 5712 (03) Sicha One (03)

Class Three. The idea of a loan of money is even more unconditional than borrowing something (a commodity) that must be directly returned. Hashem’s loans are equally unconditional. The lesson: we’ve been given the gift of Chassidus and should take advantage of it even if we aren’t deserving of it. Page 337-8.

Toras Menachem – Mishpatim 5712 (02) Sicha One (02)

Class Two. Second example of the empowerment (discussed yesterday) is from the Parsha Mishpatim, We must, and therefore Hashem also must (as He does what He tells us) give loans. That means to get what we don’t deserve. However, we must find a way of returning it. Page 337.