Toras Menachem – 4 Marcheshvan 5721 (01) – To residents of Kfar Chabad (01)

Class One. Toras Menachem vol 29 Page 170-171.To the residents of Kfar ChaŚ ad, the Rebbe built this Kfar to a beacon of light to all of Eretz Yisroel and the entire world.Each resident of the Kfar bares some responsibility, to sustain it materially and spiritually.Even keeping it clean is a big deal.

Toras Menachem – 3 Marcheshvan 5721 (01) – To the Supporters of the Yeshiva

Class Two. Toras Menachem vol 29 Page 168-9.The lesson is that we must go out and be Mikarev others.Malachim in the beginning of the Parsha in a dream, and at the end outright because of what he did in Charan.