Toras Menachem – Shavuous 5717 (07) – Sicha Thirteen

Class Seven. Page 66-67. The Baal Shem Tov’s dvaikus and remaining in the body etc.

Toras Menachem – Shavuous 5717 (06) – Sicha Ten

Class six. Page 59-60. Introduction about Reb Laib, the Rebbe’s brother on the occasion of 13 Iyar, his Yahrtzeit. Gan Yisroel- the “upside” of camp- what the gains are.

Toras Menachem – Shavuous 5717 (01) -Sicha One.

Class One. Page 38-9. Explaining the phrase קבלת התורה בשמחה ובפנימיות. Joy to overcome hardships. Pnimiyus to reach the essence of the Neshama. We meet אנכי הוי’ אלוקיך, the essence of G-dliness is our personal G-d.