Toras Menachem – Purim 5718 (08)

Class Eight. Page 132-3. Yom Kippur is also above דעת as represented by the גורל which means מסירת נפש there also but it has some “hold” on reason- the fact that we do it by separation from worldly things. Purim we had the same מסירת נפש (not for a day but for eleven months) and…

Toras Menachem – Purim 5718 (06)

Class Six. Page 130-131. Why and in what ways is the Joy of Purim higher than the Joy of all of Adar; and why it must be to the point of עד דלא ידע.

Toras Menachem – Purim 5718 (05)

Class Five. Page 130. Four categories of שמחה: A) עבדו את השם בשמחה. This Joy is (only) an aspect in the עבודה life of every Jew. B) מועדים בשמחה. This Joy is a Mitzvah onto itself but it only applies on Yom Tov (=it is linked to another Mitzvah). 3) משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה. This…

Toras Menachem – Purim 5718 (04)

Class Four. Page 129-130. Simcha even for the imperfect because Hashem doesn’t throw anyone away. Example: Sicha of Purim 5751 ובכן אבוא אל המלך אשר לא כדת.

Toras Menachem – Purim 5718 (03)

Class Three. Page 122-3. Ladder of Davening and the עד דלא ידע Davening associated with the עבודה of Purim.

Toras Menachem – Purim 5718 (02)

Class Two. Page 121-2. A simple Yid who Davened long based on one “ווארט” he heard from the Alter Rebbe שמור וזכור בדיבור אחד: every word should be guarded with the אחד and inspired by it. Lesson: anyone who wants can find a way to Daven as we should (באריכות)