Toras Menachem – Beshalach 12 Shvat 5714 (01) Second Sicha (01)

First Class. Page 56-7. The avos through prayer gave us the mon. What is so special about this is the fact that normally nothing should reach Mayim Elyonim but the Avos prayer does. The Rabeiim have a similar permanent effect.

Toras Menachem – Beshalach 12 Shvat 5714 (09) Fifth Sicha (01)

Class Nine: Page 68. Three years of Orla followed by a year of Revui and now the fifth year (chulin that need Birur). How Orla is both the Holiest and yet the lowest Klipa. This class ends with a series of private remarks the Rebbe made to people during the course of the Farbrengen.