The Hadran Hagadol al HaRaMbaM (5735)(24)

Class Twenty Four. More explanation for what Aino matzui also matters to us. We used the example of free will to illustrate this further.

The Hadran Hagadol al HaRaMbaM (5735)(23)

Class Twenty Three. Why we need to know both the level of ‘Aino Matzui’ as well as the level of ‘Matzui’. The ‘Matzui’ explains why what we do has value and is real; the ‘Aino Matzui’ allows for us to change what is present in God’s world. Page 18-19.

The Hadran Hagadol al HaRaMbaM (5735)(22)

Class Twenty Two. The question of there being another force, which means (of course) that Hashem has helpers, is also called by the RaMbaM (in Halacha 6) ‘an ascent in knowledge’ because there is merit to this argument, when you consider how great God is, but it is (never the less) wrong. Page 17-18.

The Hadran Hagadol al HaRaMbaM (5735)(21)

Class Twenty One. Footnote 37 (3). The idea of ‘Ain Koach chaser Poel’ is introduced to explain why it is that once he is a Matzui Rishon, the world already exists in effect and can never be destroyed.

Sefer HaSichos – Beis Rabbenu SheB’Bavel 5752 (Beis Midrash L’Nashim 5773/2013)(Overview)(02)

Class Two. The second half of this Sicha explores the idea of Beis Rabbeinu as it relates to 770 in New York. He discusses the idea of the last frontier being in the farthest place from Eretz Yisroel, and once we elevate even the sparks there Moshiach comes, beginning in and from the Beis Rabbeinu….

Sefer HaSichos – Beshalach 5751 (03)

Class Three. There is an upside to delaying the entry into Eretz Yisroel for 40 years, the Birur of the Midbar.

Sefer HaSichos – Beshalach 5751 (02)

Class Two. Inside, traveling with Hashem in the מדבר going quick but not too quick. It takes longer than planned.

Sefer HaSichos – Beshalach 5751 (01)

Class One. Introduction to פרשת בשלח and actually leaving מצרים. The birth of the Jewish nation in both components: 1) the perfect “one”. The example of Iyov and his tests, Avrohom passed them all. 2) and the Nation of Israel. Moshe is raised in the palace but the Jews are (still) his brothers. The Jewish…

Sefer HaSichos Bo 5752 (01) (Introduction)

This class (only) introduces this Sicha: there is a pattern to how Hashem has Moshe visit the Pharaoh. The first (fourth and seventh) he tells him לך… go to the Pharoh at the River. The second (fifth and eighth) he tells him בא… go see him in the palace. The Third (sixth and ninth) there…