MM 5657 Samach Tisamach – Class 00 5 page 28-43

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Samach Tisamach 5657 4 page 24-28

Introduction to this section

Samach Tisamach 5657 1 page 1-7

This Hemshech (series) was said in a week! The week the Previous Rebbe got married in Elul 5657 (1897) in Lubavitch.

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 42

Page 46. Two levels and types of Hishtalshelus: Pnimiyus Moach VaLev, where it goes from level to level (Kesser to Chochma, Chochma to Bina etc.) effortlessly, because one has reached Pnimiyus (Gadlus) HaMochin ViHaMidos. Chitzoniyus Mochin UMidos is filled with starts and stops, like the Bechain between mind and heart. These weak moments are where…

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 43

Page 47. The Solution: Simcha. Simcha comes from the depth of the person, in other words: we are our laughter and joy. When we reveal it, it empowers us greatly.

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 44

Page 47-8. Abstract ideas and learning create great delight, but it is completely removed from the emotions in the heart. Only revealing the Joy demonstratively can move and inspire the heart.

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 45

Page 48- 9. הרכבה דשכל ושמחה. This Joy is not the highest and most real kind of Joy, because it is qualified (and also qualifies) -מורכב- by intellect. Whenever two things are grafted together they better each other but also diminish what each one would be when by itself. In this case the Sechel is…

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 46

Page 49. שמחה פורץ גדר- two levels: 1) of the layers outside of the essence of the person, and there are three aspects here: A. habits, B. limited (revealed) faculties, C. the limitations from the interface of various faculties. 2) The very nature and character of the person. This will be explained at length in…

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 47

Page 49-51. examples of breaking fences that have to do with limitation: 1) A shy person becoming bold. 2) A self important reticent person becoming demonstrative. 3) A king displaying himself in public, and perhaps even in public. 4) A scholar expressing his deepest thoughts, 5) A scholar achieving greater clarity and knowing what was…

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 48

Page 51-2. The second level of שמחה פורץ גדר even changes טבע ראשון. The idea of טבע ראשון vs. טבע שני was discussed.