Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 49

Page 52- 4. The idea of שמחה פורץ גדר by Hashem is obviously more complicated than it is by a person. The first thing that must be explained is the word גדר. This is of course, not in Him, but in the world: Time has a limit and there are special times (Yom Tov) when…

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 50

Page 52-3. His Joy, revealing the hidden. Atzmus of Elokus is revealed in the “gates”.

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 51

Page 55-6. The גדר in Kabbalistic terms: צמצום which is preceded by a רצון that introduces מקום which is later evacuated in the first קו .צמצום which is the ruler of אור אין סוף with which all is measured. Two opinions in the nature of קו [juxtaposed against the כח הגבול].

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 52

Page 56- 7. The breaking of barriers through שמחה comes into the worldly barriers, like the King standing in the Gate. Nevertheless in this gate (as the barrier is broken) Etzem of Ain Sof is revealed.

Samach Tisamach 5657 – Class 53

Page 57-9. The second level of breaking the barrier through Simcha. In the Mashal it is not the King standing in the gateway, but He’s out in the street. Breaking the barrier through light, vs. breaking the barrier by revealing the very essence.