Samach Bais (20) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 20

Page 249-250. Merkava and what it means that Neshamos and Malachim carry “Him”. In this Ma’amar it is through Birur: when the Malachim are clarified and return to their source in Tohu, they are able to carry “Him” Adam HaElyon.

Samach Bais (19) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 19

Page 249- 251. The journey of the Neshama down which raises her higher than she was originally ירידה צורך עלי’ה is called “סתר”? Two explanations: A) When the journey begins the עלי’ה is only potential and “hidden” and has it’s work cut out for herself: 1. Elevate the Tohu within the body and animal soul,…

Samach Bais (18) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 18

Page 249. After we discussed יונתי, we explore now: 1) בחגוי הסלע, the גוף is called סלע because it is 1) דומם and 2) Hard like תהו. Hard and inflexible versus flexible and soft. 2) מדריגא refers to the נפש הבהמית which has various different types.

Samach Bais (17) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 17

Page 248-9. What does praise change? It reveals (and in G-dliness’ case: creates) new energy through the praise. This is why Yidden are called יונתי as they “stare” at Him.

Samach Bais (16) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 16

Page 247-8. פסוקי דזמרא is like looking at the king: הסתכלות where you have the essence but it is not internal and transforming though it is very impactful. ברכות קריאת שמע is studying the king; not nearly as moving but much deeper, like the כחות.

Samach Bais (15) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 15

Page 247-9. The four rungs of the ladder of prayer. מודה אני: submission and acceptance, this state is where one’s mind and heart and senses are not manifest, and we have and all we can (and do) do is accept. סיפור שבחיו של מקום :פסוקי דזמרא we sing G-d’s praises about what He does for…

Samach Bais (14) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 14

Page 246-7. מלכות looking at אריך reveals the essence of אריך in a מקיף way. Like looking at a king. Anyone can look at a king but only special people can advise. Ironically, in a way, when seeing him you get more of him than when you serve him. משל: מודה אני.

Samach Bais (13) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 13

Page 245-6. The נמשל for כתר מסתכל על מלכות. Since it is the Etzem it is 1) Makif, 2) coming from the essence of אריך and not only from an הארה.

Samach Bais (12) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 12

Page 245-6. An attempt at explaining what is the meaning of Kesser looking at Malchus, by discussing an אתערותא דלעילא that is not connected to an אתערותא דלתתא. Either the idea of וישכם לבן בבקר. or the idea of אתערותא דלעילא שלמעלה מאתערותא דלתתא אתערותא דלעילא.

Samach Bais (11) – Lech Lecha 5662 – Class 11

Page 245- 6. Another aspect of seeing, when someone great looks at you. It is very impacting but not internally transforming. The greatness of a person through his eyes.