23b. Ani Lidodi (אני לדודי) 5712 – Class 2

Class Two. The second class on this wonderful Ma’amar explains why Davening alone is not enough. There must be balance between Torah and Tefilla. The Rebbe explains that this has everything to do with the balance between the Neshama and the Guf, where each must do the other’s nature: the Neshama must attempt to descend and come into this world, and the Guf must attempt to ascend and raise herself above the world. What happens if (and when) the blend is not right?

21b. Nasata Liryiacha Nes (נתת ליריאך) 5712 – Class 2

Class Two. Tests that conceal so extremely reveal the same kind of light as the revealed miracle does!

21a. Nasata Liryiacha Nes (נתת ליריאך) 5712 – Class 1

Class One. Miracles, the process that brings them about, a higher order in the creation is in effect.  

18e. Bisha’a Shehikdimu (בשעה שהקדימו) 5712 – Class 5

Bisha’a Shehikdimu 5712, Class Five.End of the Ma’amar explains that Neshamos earned the 3 Kesarim by being מקדים נעשה לנשמע, however, we need the malachim’s help because down here we are lower than them The כתר of הקדמת נעשה לנשמע He keeps, because it is about us as we are included in Atzmus and have no Metzius of our own. The three poles are the 3 crowns: The one He keeps is Tefilla, the other two we keep. This happens actually at Mattan Torah though in Koach it existed before, but it is not the same to Poel. Torah helps…

18d. Bisha’a Shehikdimu (בשעה שהקדימו) 5712 – Class 4

Bisha’a Shehikdimu 5712, Class Four.This class discusses עצמות אוא”ס which is altogether removed from עיגולים and יושר.He says that it is above עלות הרצון which apparently means all levels of רצון including רצון המולחט. This is only available through בירור of the נפש הבהמית to the point of אתפכא. Because only that, is מסירות נפש in the level of the נפש הבהמית, and is the idea of מסירות הרצון.

18c. Bisha’a Shehikdimu (בשעה שהקדימו) 5712 – Class 3

Bisha’a Shehikdimu 5712, Class Three.This class is עיגולים where the separation between it and השתלשלות is a quantum separation. The idea of השתלשלות הכתרים helps explain the idea of עיגולים on the highest level. The משל for עיגולים ויושר is the difference between the land (that has visible distinct characteristics) and the sea (that has no visible distinctions, and what is in the water is water). The Rebbe explains that the עיגול has עליונו שבעיגול and תחתונו שבעיגול.Both reveal G-dliness (and יושר means concealment (?)) but one is a מציאות that reveals G-dliness (תחתונו שבעיגול represented by מלאכים) and the…

18b. Bisha’a Shehikdimu (בשעה שהקדימו) 5712 – Class 2

Bisha’a Shehikdimu 5712, Class Two.The first of three classes on יושר and עיגולים and עצמות.An introduction to all three is available here. The anomalies of this Ma’amar are observed a little bit.Specifically, this class is on יושר the idea of all levels being limited and the connection to (all the) other levels is measurable. He explains using the example of the various levels of כחות הנפש, like לבושים, and מדות, and שכל and כח המשכיל. He explains the proximity by pointing out two things:1) Each later level exists (noticeably) in the source before it manifests.2) And as it manifests, it…

15b. Livyason Zeh Yatzarta (לויתן זה יצרת) 5712 – Class 2

Point Two: There are Souls called fish which are the highest Tzadikim, and there are Neshamos compared to the שור הבר that go into the three (or four) classes of צדיקים בינונים and רשעים.The Neshamos called לויתן raise the rest up לעתיד לבוא. 2) This battle only happens after Moshiach comes because only a גילוי העצמות ממש achieves this and this is only לעתיד לבוא. The לויתן raises up the lower Neshamos (שור הבר) and in doing so experiences an עלי’ה Himself.

14c. Ki Yemei Tzeitzcha (כימי צאתך ה’תשי”ב) – 5712 (Muga) – Class 3

Class Three. This class is the beginning and the end of this Ma’amar. We address each question and answer it. At Yetzias Mitzrayim the notion of redemption was initiated so we mention it after Moshiach comes. Additionally, there were hidden miracles then also and they give the strength for the joining of nature and the…

14b. Ki Yemei Tzeitzcha (כימי צאתך ה’תשי”ב) – 5712 (Muga) – Class 2

Class Two. In this class, we explore the difference between different levels of miracles: miracles above nature and miracles in nature. To explain this he discusses the difference between miracles and nature itself. Nature has a higher source than do miracles, so miracles within nature have the advantage of the revealed light of miracles and…