Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat 5712 (01) – Second Sicha (01)

Class One. 10 Shvat 5712. After talking to the Bochurim about the organization ATA [Irgun Talmidei Hayeshivos], the Rebbe talks to women about the same concept. Introduction to the question of women and arvus (guarantor-ship for fellow Jews). Page 305-6.

10 Shvat STORY (and preparation) (5780) – Part 06

Part Six:The immediate aftermath.1) The Joy of the Chassidim.2) The secretariat, and its members and their roles. 3) The next day; the new stationery.4) Purim 5711, ס’איז א גרויסקייט פון אייער זייט…5) 11 Nissan. 6) “A different set of glasses”. 7) Meeting him on the street. 8) מלכות the two extremes of total Bittul and…

10 Shvat STORY (and preparation) (5780) – Part 05

Part Five:1) The Rebbe, the intellectual needs to become a (public) “people’s person”2) “The young I never refused”.3) The love the young felt to him and the optimism The Rebbe engendered.4) Simchas Torah, The need for each one to deliver a Minyan.5) The letter to all the “Rebbes” about 19 Kislev, the Belzer Rebbe.6) 24…

10 Shvat STORY (and preparation) (5780) – Part 04

Part Four:The effort to make the Rebbe, Rebbe.The idea was altogether foreign to him, even if he knew that he was destined to actually become THE Rebbe.He did all that a Rebbe does, but as the “son in law”.The process began.1) He is alive2) I will run and hide3) I need help if I am…

10 Shvat STORY (and preparation) (5780) – Part 03

Part Three:1) Seeing the Bochurim during the winter of 5710. The Minhag of seeing the Chassidim before.2) 770 on that Shabbos was very confused, the Mashpiim told the students to “ask the RaMaSh”.3) Informing people about the Histalkus particularly those who would make it to the Levaya. 4) The Tahara, Rav Berel Rivkin, the Seder…

10 Shvat STORY (and preparation) (5780) – Part 02

Part Two:1) The change in the signature.2) Kuntres 10-13 Shvat 57093) Pan Klali, included with the group4) Motzoei Yom Kippur, late, guests5) Simchas Torah joy.6) מוועט ארויפגיין7) stories of saying good-bye to Chassidim and discussing OUR Rebbe with them. 8) מאמר באתי לגני ה’תש”י a repeat from תרפ”ג (in 1923). Divided into 4, 1) 10…

10 Shvat STORY (and preparation) (5780) – Part 01

10 Shvat STORY (and preparation) (5780) Part One: Some history and some sense of the seriousness and awesomeness of the times and the date today.“Hiskashrus” is about us.

Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat 5712 (05) – Fourth Sicha (02)

Class Two. (including Fifth Sicha). More on alumni, once a Tomim always a Tomim at least in some aspect. The suggestion is to have two separate but contingent organizations. Page 315-8.

Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat 5712 (04) – Fourth Sicha (01)

Class One. The idea of alumni is much truer in Kedusha (and as it relates to the infinite Torah) than in Klipa, so it must most certainly be. The name of Lubavitch stays with the person. Stories. page 315 ff.

Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat (02) – Second Sicha (02)

Class Two. The question of women and Arvus. There are different levels: A) A Mitzva a woman must do and hasn’t done she can certainly do for her fellow as the Mitzva binds them, B) A Mitzva she must but has already done, her ability to do it for her fellow will depend on the…