Toras Menachem – M’vorchim Sivan 5718 (01)

Class One. Page 311-313 This class has a very long introduction about the Rebbe MaharaSh on the occasion of ב’ אייר- Lichatchila Ariber. Why is Torah connected to the number three, wouldn’t One be preferred? Answer real Achdus is only in the face of adversity.

Some stories about The Rebbe MaHaRash. (5768)

Stories of his life (5768). Part One.

Decisions of the Rebbe Maharash (5775/ 2015).

The decision to remain in Russia. The Rebbe MaHaRaSh was a Rebbe over very few Chassidim for a short time, but he made decisions which were incredibly far reaching, it reaches until us and beyond.

Biography of Rebbe MaHaRash (5773/2013).

Based on the introduction to the HaYom Yom.

Maamarim- 2 IYAR

Maamarim connected to 2 IYAR. Gan Naul… Gal Naul… 5747.