10 Shvat STORY (and preparation) (5780) – Part 02

Part Two:1) The change in the signature.2) Kuntres 10-13 Shvat 57093) Pan Klali, included with the group4) Motzoei Yom Kippur, late, guests5) Simchas Torah joy.6) מוועט ארויפגיין7) stories of saying good-bye to Chassidim and discussing OUR Rebbe with them. 8) מאמר באתי לגני ה’תש”י a repeat from תרפ”ג (in 1923). Divided into 4, 1) 10…

The Rebbe’s early years. (Beis Rivka Seminary 5773). Class 10

Class Ten. 1) Kovetz Lubavitch and the T’shuvos UBiurim, 2) The Rebbe’s Hagada, 3) His visit to Paris and getting his mother, and meeting the Chassidim, 4) The Frierdike Rebbe’s Histalkus and the Rebbe’s ascent to his leadership.