Tanya Perek 9 Class 5 (91a) Tanya (text based)

Tanya Perek 9, Class 5. [This class has a long introduction about the RaZa whose Yahrtzeit is 11 Marcheshvan]. The Yetzer HaRa tries really hard for us to fail but his purpose is to help us become strong and NOT give in. Mashal from the Zona.

Toras Menachem – Shabbos Lech 11 MarCheshvan 5712.

This Sicha from Parshas Lech Lecha appears in the Toras Menachem right after the Letter of the 7th of Marcheshvan above, included in the farbrengen of Breishis 5712. 11 MarCheshvan the RaZa’s Yahrtzeit. His humility.