The Hadran HaGadol al HaRaMbaM (5735)(10)

Class Ten. The Rebbe begins introducing the philosophical axiom on which this entire Hadran based: The RaMbaM as an Halachic authority, writes his Sefer as it is juxtaposed against the reality of the world, because this is where Torah is manifest. He explains that this is defined by duality, positive and negative. Correct the world…

The Hadran HaGadol al HaRaMbaM (5735) (09)

Class Nine. For there to be Yiddishkeit on the practical level of Halacha there must be [the world=] the ‘cheftza’ the ‘thing’ through which the is Mitzvah is done and made possible. In knowing God its the human mind! Page 11-12.

The Hadran HaGadol al HaRaMbaM (5735) (08)

Class Eight. Repeating the seven questions inside the Rambam; Beginning of the answer: The Rambam speaks only of those principles that have a connection to the Halacha (practical) level of Yiddishkeit in the beginning of the Sefer HaYad. Rambam inside/Page 11.

The Hadran HaGadol al HaRaMbaM (5735) (07)

Class Seven. More questions, 1) What are the Yesodos and Chochmos, of which Yedias Hashem is the most important, 2) The word Metzius, and Matzui what does this mean, 3) What does (Matzui) Rishon mean? It seems to imply that there is a second which is impossible,4) what does Halacha 2 add, when it says…