16 Wednesday 26 MarCheshvan, November 15 2017.

ר’ ישמעאל אומר Class Eight. תולעת יעקב continued (5). דבר הלמד מענינו to be a Jew in the world G-d places you in. דבר הלמד מסופו the end is Teshuva which justifies all of the ירידות. The מגיד ממעזריטש interprets דבר הלמד מענינו as the work of צדיקים. Perhaps this is his perspective. וכן שני…

15 Wednesday 19 MarCheshvan 5778, November 08 2017.

ר’ ישמעאל אומר Class Seven. תולעת יעקב continued (4). In this class מדות numbered 8-11. יצא ממנו as Torah departs from the world of light and enlightenment it is challenged and must be preserved although it is outside the

14 Wednesday 12 MarCheshvan 5778, November 01 2017.

ר’ ישמעאל אומר Class Six. תולעת יעקב continued (3). We re-reviewed and explained the first seven מדות. Including the revealing and the lowering of אלקות through אצילות which is inspired but has reason and emotion at the same time.

13 Wednesday 5 MarCheshvan 5778, October 25 2017.

ר’ ישמעאל אומר Class Five. תולעת יעקב continued (2). This class is really a reintroduction of the תולעת יעקב. We explore the levels of above אצילות; and אצילות and what follows יצא ממנו in the lower worlds. The last two מדות are about the purpose for which all (למעלה מאצילות, אצילות ובי”ע) was created.

12 Wednesday 28 Tishrei 5778, October 18 2017.

ר’ ישמעאל אומר Class Four. תולעת יעקב Introduction. First four Middos explained על פי סוד. The first two are above the worlds and deal with Knowing G-dliness and knowing that we don’t know and therefore all is equal as far as we are concerned- גזירה שוה. The third and fourth are about Atzilus. מבנין אב…