Likutei Sichos – Vol 31 p 028 ff – Pharoah’s Stubbornness

VaEra Exile and Redemption (091) In contrast to the convention that there are two successive stages to the Pharaoh’s stubbornness; one where he is stubborn on his own and another where Hashem makes him stubborn. The Rebbe proves that: 1) The two levels of the Pharaoh’s stubbornness are simultaneous and last for the duration of…

Likutei Sichos – Vol 16 p 069 ff – Only Moshe can break Pharoah

VaEra Exile and Redemption (086) Likutei Sichos – Vol 16 p 069 ff Moshe is Elokim to Pharoh, and Aharon is his Navi. Some things can not be delegated; the breaking of Pharoh needed to be done by Moshe. The story of the מאמר ראה נתתיך אלוקים לפרעה.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 16 001 ff (02) – New (or Old) Pharoah who seemingly forgot Yosef

Shemos Exile and Redemption (064) Rav and Shmuel: new king or old king who acted as though he forgot Yosef. Was his sin primarily against God or man.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 03 p 854 ff (01)- Not only a GOD of Nature – Introduction

VaEra Exile and Redemption (082) Introduction to the Sicha on למה הרעותה. The three ways Moshe met the Pharaoh. כה אמר הוי’… לא ידעתי את הוי’ה. אלוקים מול הוי’ה טבע מול נס. Egypt’s Parnassa is from the earth, Eretz Yisroel is fed from heaven. Pharaoh tries to show that all that Moshe does is from…

Vayehi Bishalach Paro 5747.

Paro was the reason we entered Golus in the first place. He therefore sends us off when the task has been completed.