Miketz 41:01 – A Beginning or An End? (2006)

Deep insight into the word “Miketz”. Sources include: Rashi, Eben Ezra, Alshich, a sicha from the Lubavitcher Rebbe (a technical rashi sicha), Rabbenu Bechaye, Tzemach Tzedek, and more.

Beshalach 13:17 – First Possuk Series – A Healthy Simcha (5767)

Beshalach 13-17. First Possuk. (5767)This class is on Parshas Beshalach but it ends with an inspirational idea for Purim! This class is part of the continuing series on the first pasuk of the parsha and discusses why the fear of contact with the Plishtim is the starting point for this parsha. Sources include: Rashi, Even…

Yisro 18:21 – Moshe Needed Advice From Yisro? (2006)

18-21. Yisro 2006 – Moshe Needed Advice From Yisro?This class delves into the question of why Moshe needed advice from Yisro on how to structure his interaction with the Jewish people. The analysis draws on three different Sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.When it seems that Moshe has bad judgement, he’s actually giving what is correct…

Acharei Mos 18:05 – Vechai Bahem (Live by the Mitzvot)(2009)

”Ve-Chai bahem” – Live by the mitzvot – do not die by them. Gemara (halacha), Rashag, Rashi, Eben Ezra, Ramban, R. Bechayey, Alshich, Ohr Hatorah

Vayikra – Korbanos (2005)

This class for Parshas Vayikra on the topic of Korbanos was recorded in 2005. Unfortunately the sound quality is poor. It is possible to hear the shiur and it is a very good class so we decided to put it up.

Pinchas 25:11 – First Possuk – Pinchas’ Zealous Act and Its Impact (2007)

Pinchas 25-11 First Possuk – 2007 – Pinchas’ Zealous Act and Its ImpactThis installment in the First Pasuk Series examines in detail the circumstances surrounding the action Pinchas took to stop the eruption of sin within the Jewish camp. Sources include: Rashi (with commentary from a sicha by the Lubavitcher Rebbe), Eben Ezra, Ramban, Sforno,…