Eikev 11:13 – ViHaya Im Shamoa… Uleovdo…(02) (5768)

Eikev 11-13. ViHaya Im Shamoa… Uleovdo… Class Two (5768).

Biha’alosecha 10:11 – Rejoicing at Leaving the Holy Mountain (Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022)

Biha’alosecha 10-11 Rejoicing at leaving the holy Mountain (Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022)There are four tragedies in our Parsha:1) Rejoicing at leaving Har Sinai2) Complaining at the rate of travel (מתאוננים)3) Protesting Divine Food, for the most absurd reasons (קברות התאוה)4) Miriam’s Lashon HaRa and subsequent Tzara’as.Pehaps the strangest of all is the first one:…

Biha’alosecha 08-11 What’s with Merori? A Thought and a Perspective (Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022)

Biha’alosecha 08-11 What’s with Merori? A thought and a perspective (Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5782/ 2022).The question of parity is raised; why is Merori less than Kehas and (even) Gershon?The world exists because of a lack of parity, what makes it fair is each person’s life against the possibility HE was given.But still why is Merori…

Nasso 06:22 – Birchas Kohanim (5766)(02)

Nasso 06- 22. Birchas Kohanim (5766), Class Two.This week’s parsha class is a continuation of a 3 part series on Birchas Kohanim – Part One appeared last week. This second installment focuses on the commentary of Rashi, Even Ezra, Rabbeinu Bechaye and the Ralbag. Chassidus on Birchas Kohanim is covered in Part Three which will…

Korach 17:17 – Matei Aharon (5768)(02)

Korach 17-17. Matei Aharon. (5768).Aharon’s stick, what does it mean beyond the miracle itself. Sources: Midrashim, Rashi, Rashbam, Ramban, Chizkuni Click here for additional information on the role of Aaron HaKohen source for the above link: Korach 17-17. Matei Aharon. (5768). Class Two.

Bamidbar 04:05 – Bigdei HaSerad (5766)(01)

Traveling Garments for the Keilim (Vessels) of the Mishkan. Class One.