Perek 6, Class 7 (73). Tanya (text based)

Klipa (continued). From fine to gross. The story of the Mitteler Rebbe, the name of קליפה may change but he is the same thing. 1) נחש הקדמוני and 2) מלאך המות and 3) יצר הרע and 4) שטן and 5) יש and 6) הרגש היש are really all the same thing. The idea of נסיונות…

Class Thirty Two.

Nisyonos (2). 3) Teshuva heals even the involvement in the three completely evil Klipos, lifting them up because they cause the pain that creates the impetus for the Teshuva. 4) Nisyonos- impossible tests from darkness that have no reality (on the one hand) and are impossible to overcome within nature (on the other). In this…

Class Thirty One.

Nisyonos (1). There are four levels: 1) Yichudim, bringing G-dliness down into vessels through Yichudim (Mimalei Kol Almin). 2) Birurim, sparks from Noga are separated and uplifted.