Tzav 2006 – Rebbe’s Kapitel Koof Hei

Tzav 2006 Because this class came out right before 11 Nissan – Rabbi Paltiel gave a shiur on the Rebbe’s Kapitel from this year (Kuf Hei)

Stories of the Lubavitcher Rebbe – Gimmel Tammuz Fabrengen

Stories of the Lubavitcher Rebbe – Gimmel Tammuz Fabrengen MP3

Birchas Hachama (Blessing of the Sun)

Birchas Hachama – Once every 28 years the sun arrives at the exact location where it was created, at the moment it was created, and a special blessing is recited. This year (2009), that event occurs on Wednesday, April 8, Erev Pesach. Rabbi Paltiel gives an introduction to the idea of Birchas Hachama in a…

Where Are All the Miracles?

Look behind the scenes of the Pesach drama in this series. This first class ends by taking on the oft asked question, “Why don’t we see open miracles any more?”. This series is accessible to everyone.


Birchas HaChama. (5769). An event that occurres once in 28 years. It occurred most recently in 5769. This class is based on a talk the Rebbe gave the time before. In 5741 1981.