40. Ze Hayom Usa Hashem 5738 (12 Tamuz)

Ze HayomUsa Hashem 5738 (12 Tamuz) Class One.In Miracles there are two outstanding characteristics: 1) greater vs smaller miracles 2) more impact-full vs less impact-full miracles.As it turns out, smaller miracles are (more believable and therefore are) more impact-full than greater ones. So… which is preferred? (The answer will, be in the next class). Ze…

נתת ליריאך תשי”ב

Class One. Miracles, the process that brings them about, a higher order in the creation is in effect. Class Two. Tests that conceal so extremely reveal the same kind of light as the revealed miracle does!

Hachodesh 5746. (5772/2012).

This is a Parshas Hachodesh maamar. The two levels of the Chidush of Nissan 1) Rosh Chadashim 2) Rishon….. LiChodshei HaShana,correspond to 1) The miracles that are higher than nature, and 2) How these miracles merge with nature . This Maamar also explores the miracle of creation that comes before the New year of Nissan…

Sicha – Iyar (06)

Miracles beyond nature (2). Part two of the discussion of miracles.

Sicha – Iyar (05)

Likutei Sichos – Vol 32 p 72 ff Miracles beyond nature (1). Class five shifts the focus to another building block in the discussion of healing – miracles. What is common among the miracles in the Torah? The Rambam’s view is discussed.

Sicha – Purim – Hidden (11)

Likutei Sichos Vol 5 pp189 ff Is everything a miracle? This class jumps right into the Sicha. At the halfway point, a student asks, “Given this logic, isn’t everything a miracle?” This leads to a philosophical clarification about miracles/Divine providence (hashgacha pratis) and an inspirational version of “Hashem is here Hashem is there’. The end…

Sicha – Purim – Hidden (10)

Likutei Sichos Vol 5 pp189 ff The highest unity. The discussion of miracles continues and expands into an exploration of the great miracle of Purim. The key to answering the questions raised in the beginning of the series turns out to be the hidden nature of the Purim miracle.

Sicha – Purim – Hidden (09)

Likutei Sichos Vol 5 pp189 ff The message of a miracle. This class begins with a short summary of the Purim- Yom Kippur connection. The main topic of this class is miracles. Specifically a comparison of the two different types of miracles discussed in Chassidus- those that break the natural order versus those that occur…

Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat 5716 (14) – Sicha Nine.

Class Fourteen. Page 68-9. Miracles. They’re there if you want them and if you don’t then they won’t be there for you.

Where Are All the Miracles?

Look behind the scenes of the Pesach drama in this series. This first class ends by taking on the oft asked question, “Why don’t we see open miracles any more?”. This series is accessible to everyone.