Toras Menachem – 10 Shvat 5715 (01) – Sicha One (01)

Class One. Page 217-9. when a question refutes, and when a question remains unanswered, but the idea remains the same (Teyuvta and Kashya). Moshe Rabbeinu wanted to live so we fast on his Yahrtzait, RaShBI wanted to ascend so his Yahrtzait is a celebration.  

Likutei Sichos vol. 03 page 854 ff.

After Moshe shows up things only get worse. Why and what Hashem expects of Moshe in admonishing him for asking (very good) questions.

7 Adar (5775/2015).

An expose of ideas about Moshe Rabbeinu from the Rebbe’s talks. 1) When Moshe was born ‘the room was filled with light’, this Haman did not get. 2) All Jews are (indirectly born on 7 Adar). 3) Loved the Jews 4) gave us the Torah 5) Loved the land and all that this entails.

7 ADAR (5771).

A discussion on the idea of Moshe being a Neshama Klalis (general soul). In each generation there is an “Hispashtus” (representation) of Moshe Rabbeinu. What does a general soul mean?

7 Adar 1 (5776/ 2016).

Nassi of his and all generations.

7 ADAR (5772).

“Vlo Yada Ish es Kvuraso…”. No one knows where Moshe lies.

7 ADAR. (5770).

Moshe Rabbeinu our teacher (Melamed).

7 ADAR and Purim (5770).

The miracle of Purim and it’s connection to Moshe Rabbeinu.

7 ADAR and Purim. (5768).

The connection between Moshe Rabbeinu’s passing and Purim.

6 ADAR (5770).

1) 13 Sifrei Torah, 2) “Ain Shilton bYom haMaves (we don’t have “shilton” on the day of passing)”.