Patriarchs (02) – How to make Yiddishkeit Personal – Likutei Sichos Vol 15 p 75 ff

Lech Lecha Patriarchs (02) Likutei Sichos Vol. 15 page 75 ff. What we learn from the Avos that relates to us though our Yiddishkiet is so different. How we make Yiddishkiet personal, and felt by us.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 06 p 095 ff – Amalaik’s Split

Beshalach Exile and Redemption (139) Likutei Sichos vol 06 page 95 ff. We learned only the lesson of this lengthy Sicha.A lesson from Amalaik’s split and the need to unify.The division of His name and throne and what it means and how to remedy this.

07 Vayehi Achar (the Akeida), (Machon Chana) Class 2

Vayehi Achar (the Akeida), Class Two.WEDNESDAY 4 KISLEV 5775/ NOVEMBER 26 2014Vayehi Achar Class Two. There are many reasons to say VaYehi Achar and though the idea has been around since the Zohar, it was not said until the last few hundred years or so. This class explores why it has been recently incorporated into…

Kaddish 51 meaning of Amain

קדיש Class Fifty One: Why answering Amain is greater than saying the Bracha גדול העונה אמן יותר מן המברך. Amain is 91 הוי’ אדנ”י. אמן next letter בנ”ס אמן is bringing G-dliness from the highest to the lowest levels.

Kaddish 50 meaning of Amain

קדיש Class Fifty: What is the meaning of the word Amain? אמת אומונה Truth and faith, affirmation, א-ל מלך נאמן, Truth in an absolute way. In good times: Truth; in poor times: faith. נאמנות Loyalty, human אמת.

Kaddish 49 עושה שלום במרומיו

קדיש Class Forty Nine. To explain the two levels of peace, we prefaced what, and why, is Atzilus, a place (of מ”ה,) where the peace (G-dliness) already exists, and that world becomes the basis for the peace in the lowest worlds. The two worlds (or: possible Atzilus), Tohu and Tikun. עושה שלום במרומיו peace in…

Kaddish 48 עושה שלום במרומיו

קדיש Class Forty Eight. There are two levels of peace: In a Holy environment and outside the Holy Environment. This is the difference between the peace in יהא שלמא רבה and the peace in עושה שלום במרומיו. This is explained with the RaMaK’s explaining the way we bow by עושה שלום, first left, and then…

03. Yehi Ratzon… before Korban Tamid (recited each morning, if Tachanun is said) (Machon Chana) Class 3

מצות עשה. יהי רצון… תמיד Class Three. In this (short) class we explore the text of this prayer (to the prayer of קרבנות), It is about compensating for a lack. After Moshiach comes it will be said but on a much higher level.

03. Yehi Ratzon… before Korban Tamid (recited each morning, if Tachanun is said) (Machon Chana) Class 2

יהי רצון… תמיד Class Two. Class 09 Wednesday 4 Teves 5776/ December 16 2015.This class addresses the three words מחילה, כפרה, סליחה. The many opinions about how to align these three ideas with the three levels of sin: חטא, עון, פשע becomes very confusing. In our נוסח אדמו”ר הזקן he aligns חטא with מחילה, and…

03. Yehi Ratzon… before Korban Tamid (recited each morning, if Tachanun is said) (Machon Chana) Class 1

יהי רצון… תמיד Class One. CLASS 08 WEDNESDAY 20 KISLEV 5776/ DECEMBER 2 2015.This prayer that precedes the פרשת התמיד is, in effect, a prayer for a prayer. We explained it like Brachos are explained (תורה אור בראשית) that when one cannot experience the light he ascends higher where, he won’t experience the light, but, he’ll…