Letter 20 Class 4 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

Action. Mitzvos are the main thing though in Hishtalshelus Torah is higher. Connection to Rosh Hashana and Kabalas Ol.

Letter 20 Class 3 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

The answer: Two concepts explain how the “Koach HaAtzmus” [for Yeshus] manifest through Hishtalshelus: 1) Ohr MeAin HaMaor (the light not only reflects; but is also bottul to Atzmus) allowing it to carry(in a latent way) the Koach HaAtzmus (for Yeshus). 2) “Koach NeElam” of Malchus carries from Atzmus the Hidden (higher) possibility for separation….

Letter 20 Class 2 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

The Question: In Hishtalshelus all are “Ayin”, so how can a “Koach HaAtzmus” be delivered to Asiya (Yesh) via Hishtalshelus? How can the Ayin give us Yeshus when the Ayin has no (and is antithetical) to Yesh? In this we explore 1) Illa vealul vs. Yesh Meayin, 2) Where Yesh begins in higher worlds and…

Letter 20 Class 1 Tanya Lectures – Iggeres Hakodesh

This classic essay of the Alter Rebbe written so close to his passing reveals an entirely new [ChaBaD] insight into the purpose and end of creation. One is never closer to G-d then he is down here in the physical world. The “Ego” [sense of self containment and independence] of this reality is rooted in…