Class 11 Wednesday 18 Teves 5776/ December 30 2015. Parshas HaTamid

פרשת התמיד Class Two. This class was a lecture on the idea of קרבנות based on the רמב”ם and the רמב”ן. We talked about how the רמב”ם can be explained in spite of the fact that קרבנות predates idol worship. The point of the class was to divide this paragraph into two parts: A) Something…

Class 13 Wednesday 3 Shvat 5776/ January 13 2016

פרשת התמיד Class Four. Parts of Karbanos are a continuation from before Mattan Torah while others are altogether new. The turning point is עולת תמיד העשוי’ בהר סיני. RaMbaM and RaMbaN and how they apply before Mattan Torah.

Class 14 Wednesday 17 Shvat 5776/ January 27 2016. Parshas HaTamid

פרשת התמיד Class Five. The third idea of a Korban that has no precedent before Mattan Torah is the idea that a Karbon is both a total sacrifice to Hashem and at the same time it is with a Shov, bringing God into the world, where we live a sacrifice. This has no connection to…

Class 18 Wednesday 15 Adar 1, 5776/ February 24 2016. Parshas Hatamid

פרשת התמיד Class Nine. The פסוק עולת תמיד references the timeless idea of a Korban that always was and always will be, it is about sacrifice. But at Mattan Torah a new idea is added, to have a return from a Korban, this idea is novel.