Class 37 Wednesday 7 Kislev 5777/ December 7 2016. אביי

אביי Class Six. Reading continued. אברים the pleasure of total transformation אהבה בתענוגים. At this point one’s life turns around and he lives to give to others.יהי’ שם שמים מתאהב על ידך. Bread, מנחה, internalizing the inspiration one gives [limited but internalized]. The bread represents חביתין .חסד done each day by the Kohen Gadol was…

Class 38 Wednesday 14 Kislev 5777/ December 14 2016. אביי

אביי Class Seven. Reading concluded. After a day’s ascent, comes the night which is higher than the day, as is the order of the Korban day: from morning to morning.